Is PageRank a Myth?

Today is among one the days that often come along at essential marketer where i just want to put my hands up in the air, hit my forehead against a solid desk and find another job within the junk food industry. Okay, not exactly.

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Can someone please show me why my husband's blog includes a PageRank of 5? I have checked it 15 various ways, and each time it returns exactly the same. He authored four posts in March 2007 and has not touched your blog since. It features a grand total of 55 backlinks, based on Yahoo! Site Explorer, and 52 of individuals originate from being for auction on two blogrolls (including mine).

Meanwhile, I have been plowing away inside my company's new website for several months now, and I have been stuck in a PageRank of three the whole time. I am beginning to question if PageRank is real, or maybe Google spits out a random number every three several weeks simply to torture us. Are 100s of engineers in Mountain View snickering these days?

I have been re-reading through Danny Sullivan's detailed explanation of PageRank to ascertain if possibly I skipped something. I have also re-read Google's explanation too. But everything I am reading through opposes what is happening here.

If PageRank truly translates links as votes, then so how exactly does an individual blog with the couple of votes รข€” votes of mediocre quality, actually รข€” get such a higher PageRank?

Hahaha, that's funny! Maybe since it is located using blogging platforms? i wager which has something related to it. Smashing Mag published a great article on PageRank. (review of article)

Business Blogger June 5, 2007 at 5:51 pm I believe PR is created by elves in the North Pole. Much more important is the fact that I do not think PR is actually everything important. People want to see a great PR because it offers a superior something to shoot for but other that it doesn't have effect on your research results.

Mark from June 6, 2007 at 6:53 am *laughing* Great tone inside your article... you'll hate to listen to that Bloglyne includes a PR4 and well... I truly have no clue why.

I simply figure basically keep growing my links, and original content, eventually Google will "do right" by me... but it's kinda like adhering an icepick to your eye gradually together, right?Adrienne Doss June 6, 2007 at 7:31 shall we be held know, I understand, PageRank does not matter. But does not it Seem like it matters? Just perhaps a little small bit?